How to Find the best Bankruptcy Lawyers for you

Finding the right bankruptcy lawyer for you is often a very personal thing that most people would rather not share with friends or family members or anyone else for that matter. In most other cases, where an attorney might be required, it is recommended to obtain a lawyer referral from a family member, a business colleague or a trusted friend. When filing bankruptcy, discretion is often most desired, and finding a bankruptcy attorney on your own is by far the most favorable option.

Find a Qualified Bankruptcy Lawyer Online

Going online to find bankruptcy lawyers is often the easiest and fastest way to find a local bankruptcy attorney to get the advice you need. You can find the best bankruptcy lawyer serving your area at All the bankruptcy attorneys on our site are qualified to give you legal advice regarding your bankruptcy options, and will help make sure you keep as much of your personal property as possible while eliminating all the debt that you are unable to pay off.

Check the Local State Bar

You can also go to your local bar association and ask for a bankruptcy lawyer referral. This is another free way to connect with bankruptcy lawyers near you, but requires you to find the appropriate bar to make your inquiry. A representative from the bar will be able to provide you with information on several local bankruptcy lawyers for you to contact.


Always Consult With At Least 3 Bankruptcy Attorneys

You should take the time to contact at least three bankruptcy lawyers to discuss their fees and the services they will provide you before committing to one. Additionally, this gives you the opportunity to discuss your specific bankruptcy case and financial situation and get personal advice regarding the best strategy to use bankruptcy protection.

How Much Do Bankruptcy Lawyers Cost?

After determining if you should even file for bankruptcy protection, you will next need to choose the bankruptcy lawyer you feel best fits your needs. Once you have chosen your bankruptcy lawyer, you will want to establish the bankruptcy filing fees agreement before anything else. It is very important for both you and your bankruptcy lawyer to have in writing an agreement outlining exactly how the lawyer's services are going to cost you, including account for bankruptcy petition fees and any other legal cost of filing for bankruptcy. Getting this out of the way first is very important, so that you don't have any problems with miscommunication of retainer fees later on, and also to get a precise idea of the cost to file for bankruptcy protection.


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Fixed Bankruptcy Service Fees

Fixed service fees are the most common type of fee agreement for the majority of bankruptcy cases. You and your lawyer agree upon a fixed fee for providing the bankruptcy filing service. That way there are absolutely no surprises when the lawyer's bill comes. While the fees will vary between different attorneys and lawyers, you can expect to pay somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000 for a good attorney.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Hourly Fees

Most bankruptcy attorneys will want to work on an hourly basis. This is very normal, unless you will be requiring their time very often, in which case the fees can add up quick. If you think you will be calling you lawyer quite often, you may not realize that all those calls may add up to a lot of money you had not anticipated having to pay your attorney.

What about Bankruptcy Retainer Fees?

Bankruptcy retainer fees are normally reserved for bankruptcy lawyers who will have ongoing work, such as corporate lawyers who work with a particular company throughout the year. Bankruptcy lawyers are generally only used once, so this type of fee arrangement does not make sense for you.

Work Out a Flexible Payment Plan

Your bankruptcy lawyer should be willing to help you setup flexible payment plans to pay for their services. Be sure to ask about making a flexible payment plan so that the bankruptcy service fees are not going to cause more financial trouble after the bankruptcy completes.


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